Sigh for the admin resign

One of the admin of my gaming site its leaving ..
Its quite upset for his resign,
the reason its because he feel he is too addicated on the site, spend every time to check on it,
every night think what to improve, so before he continue to lost himself, he choose to leave

Without him, the site wont be this success today
Ya ya, althought it still a small site .. but i able to get my job also because of this site..
sigh ..

I hope after take a rest, and he will be back ..
Taste, GUM need you ..

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  • taste

    that’s sweet of you knight.. was in the office surfing abit and somehow came across your site. i think gum is fine but u should talk lancelot into changing the skin and updating stuff. if you’re really passionate about gum improving, then work at it.. don’t stop for one moment because when u do, u’ll lose it.

    as for me, i’m bz with some other things which i’ll tell u about next time. i’ve given up admining and i don’t want to get involved anymore. i still love gum alot and it means alot to me so please, if you love it too..improve the site man… take care and good luck with work:3

    taste signing out.