Ajax-ed Lilina Release

As i mention before , i ajaxed lilina-head , finally i clean out the code and able to release it

a demo is able to view here , you can download to give it a try ..

i add in these since last demo

  • adding the loading image to show the script is loading
  • added back the furl bookmark icon
  • update delicious and furl icon
  • polish the code

boringest did mention its a bit slow for the loading, i realiase only for the first time loading is slow, after that seem ok, do email me if any bug found ..

i don’t add in too much thing, other then ajaxed the lilina, but after this version i start to change the whole lilina in my own way .. maybe call it Jaxlina ? hehe

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • Download link gets a 404 error instead of the zip file.

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  • Knight

    I m sorry Bill , i fix the download path again

  • Great!

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  • ogee

    thanx for that wonderful lilina hack. i installed it succesfull but the links for the caregories and time to display don`t work. its the same in your lilina installation… any ideas?
    greetz ogee

  • Knight

    hhhmm ogee, u sure ?
    did u try on http://ajax.ahknight.net

  • ogee


    i tried it with ie6 and firefox on your site and now it works. but i can`t see any mouse over hover effect. on my own installation (localhost with iis and win xp) the links dont work. i try it on my server……

  • Knight

    lol , there is not mouse over hover effect.. its might be a bug in my design..

    but you mention its not working on IIS and win xp .. mmmmm .. sound wierd
    how about u try to download lilina-head and test on your system , if is ok copy the config over the my ajax version and try ?

  • ogee

    i installed lilina-head before and it was the same on winxp with iis. now i run your version on my public server and its ok. try to check the hover effect soon… thanx

  • Knight

    geez maybe my code not compatible with IIS ? so far i code on apache and use on apache only…

  • Page loading is quite slow. Your demo site took more than 30sec to load. I have the same problem with Lilina. It loads much slower that zfeeder, but zfeeder hasn’t this River of News- style, unfortunately

  • Knight

    i think it happen because it only update when you view it .. then it takes some time to check on each source ..

  • Knight

    Hi lorenz, thats because the first time it need to cache for all the rss, so it takes some time to load,but one of the problem is every time you load the site it need to check all the source again, one of the solution is play with the cache..
    you can change this 2 setting int he conf file

    define(‘MAGPIE_FETCH_TIME_OUT’, 60 * 60 * 4);
    $CACHE_IN_HOURS = 4;

    and force loading “index.php?force_update=1” by using cron job

  • Now I’ve reinstalled it and edit the setting you mentioned. Now it works like a charm. I hope it will stay like this. Performanced varied greatly when I first tried the script. Even if the script has updated the feeds a minute ago, reloading the site toke ages (more than 30sec).

  • Knight

    Hi lorenz,

    hhhhmmmmm “fancy” style ??? any site for reference ?
    navigation menu ? which one u mean .. it might be work is just that it don’t show its a link .. try to click on those navigation wording and see ?

  • I meant the stylesheet style_fancy.css that is part of lilina.

  • Knight

    lorenz : no problem i will take note on this .. but it will be on my long-todo list queue … ^^

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  • Knight

    Roger that, thx for the opinion ..
    actually lilina release database version already,
    there are people asking will i ajaxed that version also,
    the answer is unsure .. due to my tight schedule, but i believe the database version should have better speed performance.

  • Knight

    which loading graphics you need ? for ajax purpose i did put it the loading image .. if you mean for loading the lilina page, you might need to find some way to tweak it ..

  • Ryan McCue

    I have taken over lilina and would love to implememt some of these features. Please contact me.

  • Have you checked out Tiny Tiny RSS, it’s great.