Working on FuelCMS

I have coded a project using CodeIgniter not long ago , one of the problem is build from scratch you need to code almost every single thing, which is very time-consuming , that’s why I was looking for a CodeIgniter base CMS , to leverage on some of feature to cut development time.

What getting my attention is FuelCMS , why ? because after CodeIgniter release version 2 ( which is something big , version 1.7.3 available for some time already) release for a few day , FuelCMS already updated on par and using the CI 2.0 already, this really impress me.

Second thing that FuelCMS attracted me is the user guide , it include some detail tutorials how to create module, this allow me to extend the CMS for my project easily.

Third thing will be the admin interface, I really like the color scheme.

Although I don’t really use the publishing feature , most likely the user will only login and use the admin interface ,some standard feature which I can use will be like logging, user permission, dashboard etc.There are a lot of build-in module that are really helpful, example the backup and cronjob module, another surprise is the is a tester module which allow you build test driven module.

Will you prefer to build from scratch ? or build  on top on a CMS like this to leverage on the existing feature and extend it ?

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