Chinese Blog Service Launch

Sorry that i make a mistake to ping this old post .. if you visit through pps or blogsmalaysia, i m sorry

After Spending some time, finally the site is up .. another project from me, sigh seem the respone not so good yet but will try harder, give me some support will ya ?

btw if you having a chinese blog, pls let me know, i try to put on a news aggregator for chinese blogger in malaysia too

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • saffron

    Haha, if my chinese is better I will support de, but as it is now…already at survival level, so cannot. I’ll tell my friends about this though, and see if any of them want to try try and see or not.

    Good luck!

  • taste

    er.. sorry i offtopic but knight, check out this link.. should we ask them to join force? maybe among them got artists.. then the site can actually look nice.

    btw last nite’s msg is just somethin 4 u to consider la. maybe u culd implement it for your cblog

  • I cannot write in chnese how to support leh, got heart no energy lah.

  • Knight

    haha thx kiasu ..

  • i know mandrin but i lazy type it hhahahaa

  • Jason – Twinsmom – Jin Lan (MMU graduate) – Mug Mug (MMU graduate)

  • Knight

    Geez.. thx Jason .. i stopped this project already ..
    nvm i might just do something to make a chinese blog RSS feed site