GUM Closed

Finally decide to close the gaming site, which i build 2 years ago .. in stead of gaming site i would say a small gaming community.

Why would i close this project ? 

  • my passion for gaming is gone now
  • my time is quite limited now day, not really have time for community
  • all the admin is busy with their own thing, lancelot and taste is bz with study and arion is bz with wow
  • althought i try to revivie the whole project by introducing the "user-driven" feature, but it seem failure
  • gaming use to be a big part of my life, but now ? just a small one in the corner

the whole GUM project started 2 year ago, when i just come back from aus for holidays, then i found out something call XOOPS, its type of content management system, since that i start interested on php and all these script, during that time gaming is one of the big interest for me. so combine my new hobby and old one, GUM is borned.

History of GUM

  • renting space from WK , call it by using xoops – version 1
  • after some time i get a msia domain call so i moved gum to by that time i switch my host to ultraunix already. version 2
  • then we change the cms based site to forum based by using smf and start having own domain –
  • develop a interface on top of smf , which start the falling of gum
  • trying to revivie gum by introduce user-driven by using drupal

i would really want to thank a few person, lancelot  – our poor graphic designer, which help me a lot on design and graphics all these year, taste – design and take care of the site, althought we have some argument on the site always, arion – writing lots of review before he get addicted on WOW …

Farewell GUM ..  

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