dbt-122 dlink usb bluetooth

In case you bought this usb bluetooth device and lost the driver ( just like me ) , you can’t find it in http://www.dlink.com or dlink international , the only place you find this driver is at the UK FTP site – ftp://ftp.dlink.co.uk/wireless/dbt-122 .

ahem ! dlink qutie a mess for maintain all these driver


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  • Rom

    Thank you very much for this link! Drivers are really absent at dlink.com (newest are for dbt-120).


  • Knight

    no worry, i also look for this driver till very angry, so share it with others

  • Kane

    Thanks for that i lost my cd cause Dads fucking stupid cheers

  • Joe

    Thank you so much , U help me lot to solve my problem.
    BAD D-link support..


    Thank you,thank you very much, lot time ago i was finding this drive,i thought i’ll never find this driver

  • krille

    BIG thanks!!

  • saran


    i have d-link dbt 122 bluetooth .whree i get this driver?

  • Knight

    Hi Saran, go to the ftp link that mention in my post , you can dl the driver there

  • skinnerbox

    hi, i’m not able to access this site i was wondering if anybody can send it to me? i really need it. thank you! my email is at skinnerbox8[at]yahoo[dot]com

  • Joakim

    Thank you for this! 🙂

  • Lech from Poland

    Thanks a lot. It works perfectly.

  • Xandr

    THANKS MAN !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Menon

    Thanks a lot !

  • Denis

    It’s the only usefull link to this driver!!

  • andreas

    Thanks you help me very much, I found this site whit google.com

  • alberto

    bella zio! I couldn’t find it anywhere…I tought of stealing the install cd from the shop…;-)

  • Kostia


  • Nequechery

    I’m also not able to access this site. Can anybody send it to me?

    [email protected]



  • Diego

    PLZ, I have download this drive and follow all the intructions but I just got to “Bluetooth device not found” and I can`t go foward this step, someone can help me?.

  • EnricoTV

    Diego, I have the same problem! When I arrive at the step “Bluetooth device not found” and I connect the DBT-122 to an available USB, on backgroud appear the request to install new hardware and the installation doesn’t work yet so “Bluetooth device not found” message appear continuosly. (Sorry for my english…) Someone can help me?

  • gibs0n

    I had the same problem as Diego and EnricoTV. My OS is Vista Ultimate. After couple of hours of searching I’ve found this: dlink.com.sg/products/support.asp?pid=386 . I’ve just installed it and everything works fine. FINALY ! 🙂

  • Robert

    Thanks, Knight for your ftp site. I downloaded Vista driver from your ftp server and now finally everything works fine on my Vista HP. I just wonder why D-Link is so slow with new Vista drivers for their products and also why these drivers are not easy accessibe on their official websites? But it seems this is a kind of a trend to all big brands. I have at work HP all-in-on device (LJ 3055) and it also had big problems with Vista support. It printed but it was impossible to scan on Vista with HP software. Shame on big brands!

    Thanks again for your info and drivers!

  • Knight

    no problem Robert, glad it help

  • Juan Fco

    Hey Knight! Thank you man, I dont know why the computer stores sells this adapters without the support for vista. I know that for many people vista sucks but…you know…its the must commercial OS. THANKS again!

  • Knight

    No problem, Juan.

  • Andy

    I can’t get the software to recognise my adapter nor will it recognise the hardware. The driver installed with the CD (which I have now lost) but it didn’t work so I uninstalled it and tried the web driver but now it just says “location does not contain info on your device” if I select the “btwusb.ini” in “have disk” and it won’t find anything automatically. The wizard also refuses to believe I’ve plugged it in when it prompts me. I can see a few people have this problem elsewhere, I’m wondering if its faulty…

  • Andy

    You maybe interested to know that it installed with the Vista drivers & software on XP!?!? (DBT-122_v6.0.1.5400.zip) I manually selected the driver through ‘have disk’ its the ‘Bcbtums32.inf’ in the ‘Win32/brcm’ directory, windows then recognised the device and all my bluetooth device work with it, how odd!!!

  • Knight

    lol , thanks for sharing Andy

  • tomislav

    plz if you could send me drivers for vista. i really need those. tnx in advance

  • Gareth

    I am running XP and cant get the pc to reconise the DBT-122 either. I have checked the Device manager and its not there either. Anyone help?

  • wakarimasen

    …You maybe interested to know that it installed with the Vista drivers & software on XP!?!? (DBT-122_v6.0.1.5400.zip) I manually selected the driver through ‘have disk’ its the ‘Bcbtums32.inf’ in the ‘Win32/brcm’ directory…

    same here andy. thanks for that

  • ryanshibbs

    wait a minute how do u download the vista driver for xp???

  • ryanshibbs

    help asap please!!!

  • ryanshibs

    when i tried installing it maually it said “The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry. This may be because the INF was written for Windows 95 or later. Contact your hardware vendor.” what do i do???

  • hi ryan , i think you need to search for the vista driver, i wrote this post during 2005.

  • ryanshibbs

    oh really? but ur still updating though right? like i dont get it. Doesnt the link u gave have the vista driver? im trying to install that vista one on xp. cuz ppl here said that u can download the vista driver on xp. and when i tried it it said the problem i had above. plz help iv been trying to look for away to fix this for how long now..almost half a year? two ppl here said they downloaded the vista driver on xp. im jus wondering how to do it.

  • Hi Ryanshibbs,
    I have switch to a mac user last year, no longer using this device.
    Did you try to download the non vista file to install ?

  • ryanshibbs

    yes and that one i cant use because its not recognizing my bluetooth adapter device. It downloads the hardrive but it wont recognize it. thats why im trying the vista one.

  • Sandy
  • num


  • asturcon3