Windows Live Mail

For the first time i feel excited for M$ product and trying to get the beta invitation .. and i m lucky to get it !

p/s if you getting the invitation but when click on the join now, it redirect to a page mention that either you are below 13, or bla bla bla, just login your hotmail and change your profile to US, then click the join now again, now you will redirect to the live mail beta

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11 Responses

  1. Douglas CHONG says:

    I get this invitation also, but when I click the join and the Agree with the beta liscense than get this stupid message.

    Sorry! It looks like you can’t be in the Mail beta.

    This could be because
    You’re under 13
    You have a parentally controlled account
    Mail beta isn’t available where you are

    Just don’t understand why!!!

  2. waso-i says:

    Please invite me to mail beta.

  3. Knight says:

    Hi, i don’t think user can send invitation for this,
    i think you need to singup on for the beta testing

  4. claudio says:

    can anyone send me an invite please (

  5. Addtemp says:

    Can some one sent invitation to me too

  6. Knight says:

    i would say sorry i can’t help, you need to submit your email in to gain the beta testing …

  7. Knight says:

    szaharin read the comment first before you post ..
    send u the windows live msger beta

  8. bestjolin says:

    I also need a live mail invent,please give me one.Thank you!

  9. Fer says:

    Please invite me to live mail
    MY emails:

  10. okan bora says:

    hi…can you send an live mail invitation??

    thank you…