Not long ago i blog about that i m going to get a LCD Monitor and i thought that i will get a wide screen LCD , but at the end i just choose a standard LCD, why ? 19″ wide screen LCD is too small , if you go for 20″ wide screen LCD, it looks nice but the different is about $130 , at the end i just get the standard 19″ which cost $339.

I still can recall during the old day, a 15″ LCD is $600++ … , maybe i will get the 22″ wide screen when its below $300 ?

Oh why i choose LG ?

  • they got 3 pixel policy, no matter dead pixel or bright pixel
  • 3 year on site, include sunday
  • the design looks nice, i like the slim frame, hate the design which have a lot of white space

My LG LCD L1953T

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