Which LCD shall i choose ?

IT Show started yesterday , for this time i m thinking to get a LCD Monitor.
Currently i m using a 19″ CRT from my bro, base on some advice, it seem like CRT is bad for health if you need to look at it for long hour and for the reason to protect my eyes, i decided to switch to a LCD monitor.

Original aiming at 19″ LCD only , but i always like the Wide Screen , so change my mind to 19″ Wide Screen LCD, after my bro told me that 19″ Wide Screen LCD is just like a normal 17″ LCD, quite small .. better get 20″ Wide Screen LCD … arghhhhh

Lets what i will get later .. not only the price, warranty and free gift also quite important and of course must use your eyes to see which LCD is more comfortable.

Cnet – IT Show 2007 LCD

My own compile list

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