Goodbye Palm, Hello Dopod

I think i never mention about this, i sold my Treo 680 for quite some time already, i think i slightly blog about this during xmas and the best part is before i want to sell the phone , it drops and scratched !

My Scratched Treo 680 4My Scratched Treo 680 3

at the end i sold my set with low low price , about $100 different with the second hand market price, a good lesson to me … after i sold the phone, i been using my bro treo 650 while searching a new phone that i like, quite a few model that pop in my eyes like Nokia N80, E61 , Treo 750v, Eten 500 and dopod D810, when i about to get Dopod D810 then i find out that the keyboard is really useful so at the end i get a second hand ( 1 month ++ old set ) dopod 838 pro.

Dopod 838 pro

argh ! for the first time i move into windows environment willingly ………….

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  • DK

    Sad to see that another palm user switch over to window mobile.

    Palm is really dying….

  • Donald

    I’m choosing between Dopod 810 and Treo 680. Why did you decide to chenge from Treo to dopod?

  • Knight

    that use to be my choice, but i give up D810 because without keyboard is tough to sms ..

  • I am saving up to get myself a dopod 838 pro 🙂
    Eversince I left Palm PDA behind, I have never look back. With so many lacking features, it really sad to see Palm collapsing like that.