Getting Treo 680

Finally i have just place my order for Treo 680 @ Sitex , its a pre-order , should be able to get the real product latest by tuesday, at first i don’t expect i will actually order it during this Sitex , but a few reason that push me for it

  • $100 discount, the official retail price is $888 but it slash to $788
  • I can trade in my old treo 600 for $120
  • i can exchange the stupid palm picnic set to something useful, at the end i got the desktop charger which retail pricing about $60++

a bit of history of my digital life , starting by using Treo 600
Treo 600

after that because the phone got some problem and i m bored that having all in one phone, thats why i move on to 2 different device, Palm TX and K750i

Palm TX SE k750i

but after these day i think all in one still better, bring 2 device is killing me, at the end my PDA is on low usage, thats why i m getting Treo 680

Treo 680

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