iPad in da house

Yes, iPad is on my hand now but just for tonight , (too bad) I need to bring it back to office tomorrow.Understand from my boss , it seem like hard to get this in US too , it took him 3 days to get this set, really appreciate he actually share it with us, let the department can have some fun with it.

I just trying to show that my blog is looking great on the iPad.

So what I think after playing with it for a few hour ? It has nice screen , it makes everything looks sharp, the battery life is great ,many people has been try on it since morning, but it still showing more than 75% batt left. The more powerful processor allow you to run more CPU intensive application, a good example “We Rule” is quite laggy on my iPod Touch but it is rather smooth on iPad. The only biggest problem I think will be the weight , it is not that heavy but  if you holding it for long period, you will feel the weight.

My final thought is this will be a good buy , it can totally replace my iPod Touch , the only problem will be getting the 3G version or not ?

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