Web Based Mindmap

If you know about mindmap and wish to mindmap every where ( as long as you are able to access to internet ) , there are 2 web based mindmap service appear recently.



  • Currently in private beta mode
  • Basic feature is included, font color and icon feature available
  • Line format should be improve example include different color, weight , style
  • Auto format layout feature ? a feature that will reorganize the layout of node
  • it seem like allow to sharing a mindmap and Collaborative editing
  • Version control is included
  • Base on the title created, it allow searching through wikipedia or delicious for related info



  • currently Open Beta
  • Build by Flash
  • More feature compare to MindMeister
  • Include formatting layout feature, which can rearrange all the node in different layout
  • Rich Content support and allow to upload images
  • different pricing model available

I still prefer freemind ….

p/s if you want to give it a try on MindMeister, leave your contact please, i have 20 invitation code to send out.

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • FiReHaWkZ

    I’d appreciate an invitation code to try MindMeister. If you can, please send one for me:

    [email protected]com


  • WowWildCat

    I would appreciate if you send me MindMeister’s invitation code.

  • Raphael

    I would appreciate an invitatopn to MindMeister, thanks

  • Knight

    Raphael, invitation send

  • I would love an invitation too please!

  • Jacob

    send me an invite please!
    [email protected]