Google Calendar Offline Sync is just for one

Google gear has been out for quite some time, but until now this useful offline feature  start to tie with the rest of google product and my favourite calendar service  is getting the offline sync .

So what does offline sync means ? it actually sync with your desktop/notebook and allow you to access it without connection and what ever you done on the offline mode will be sync with the service when you connect back online, sounds like a great service right  ? but after i test it and find out the limitation is , Google calendar offline sync only allow you to sync ONE CALENDAR!

I think this happen also when they release the calendar sync with outlook, erm do you guys who using google calendar only use ONE CALENDAD ? for myself i have 6 calendar, each serve different purpose, with different color labeling, i feel in this way is more organize. Am i the only one using more then ONE CALENDAD? how many calendar you guys have on google calendar ?

P/S Just find out that i m wrong, Google calendar actually allow multiple calendar sync, is just that you need to setup.

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