Closing of Getspot

i mention about this moving yesterday , currently all getspot post moved here, getspot itself is pointing to here.

the whole thing started because i think that my own blog content is a bit too mixing, topic is too wide and a lot people is saying working on a topic focus blog is better to attract traffic, so i started for web2.0 topic and for freeware topic, another one i been purpose but never launch it , its call spreadsource for different kind of php open source script.

so after both getspot and faib build up, i spending a lot of time to maintain 3 site, imaging for themes update , i need to think about 3 different themes, for each blog i need to blog about different content, getspot still manage to get some attention, since web2.0 is the popular term, but freeasinbeer totally can’t attract any traffic, after a few time of redesign, i finally give up freeasinbeer as a freeware related blog, now just keep it for my own use.after freeeasinbeer closing, i do have a bit more time, getspot did update a bit more often, but i still feel like not enough time

until 2 day ago, i saw what Uzyn design then i realiaze that i spend too many time on maintaining blog, not only wasted a lot of time , i not even got time to work on any new project , i m not like those pro-blogger that stay at home and blog, maintaining a few blog shouldn’t be a problem for them, but not for me , i have to work , have too many real life commitment and i wish to spend time to do something that i like not i force to do, at least when i want to blog this piece of info, i no need to think about which blog shall i blog on ?

after all the trash out , althought getspot is closing, but i will still talk about web2.0 here ..

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