Hipchat For WordPress Part 1

Week 30 has just end and today mark the starting of week 31, I build a simple plugin base on Hipchat .

I was trying to use it for long time ago , when it  just acquired by Atlassian and free for 6 month that period , but I stop using after the promo period, since solo freelancer don’t really have much chance to use it, my client prefer to contact me through email or whatsapp.

I start using it back recently because of 1 bigger project that I need to work with other developer, at the same time Hipchat  is free for 5 person team, so I set it up and hook with Github, any push from me or the co developer  will show on the project channel , some time if I happen to see some push that I don’t really understand, I can just fire up the private chat and talk the co developer and understand why.

I was thinking to build something base on Hipchat  and WordPress, there is a WordPress plugin that build by Hipchat long time ago , it only send notification when new post is created , so base on the same model , I grab the latest Hipchat PHP sdk and WordPress Plugin Boilerplate to come out with the new version of Hipchat plugin for WordPress. The twist that I added now it will post only selected post type to Hipchat channel, I have a few more idea to add-on but maybe leave it for later part.


You can find it on my Github account – rework hipchat WordPress plugin.

This is part of the 22 something – Week30 – build something.

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