WordPress For Hipchat Upgrade

I build a plugin call WordPress For Hipchat last year and release it on Github. I release the plugin during some self-training week and I blog about it. It’s been around 8 month and I receive my first feature request.

Since I didn’t port the plugin over to official plugin site , it is a bit surprise someone to ping me through the issue list for some feature request. It isn’t something tough so i just spend sometime to get it done just now and release it. The feature request is to send notification to hipchat regardless the status, where I original build it to send only when a post get published.

The new setting page added radio input for user to select send notification for all or publish only.


Testing on my Hipchat account.


I guess if I have time I should doing some clean up for this plugin, it seem like there are quite a few things can be tweak, but for now it work well for what it does.

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