InfiniteWP Cronjob Issue on Serverpilot

InfiniteWP is one of the free script for you to manage your all your WordPress site and Serverpilot is a web service that help you to manage your VPS.

I was having the problem for the past few day for running InfiniteWP on Serverpilot‘s manage VPS, it seem like the cronjob didn’t run proper and showing an error message.


How I fixed the InfiniteWP cronjob issue ?

I was doing quite a bit of test to find out what causing this error , after some trial and error , it seem like the cronjob did run and the problem is on the PHP. The solution is actually simple , Serverpilot is using their own compile php , so you need to either use php5.4-sp or php5.5-sp to replace the php for running any command line.

So i just update my cronjob and replace the php with php5.5-sp, everything is working now ! it seem like it’s stated on the serverpilot’s documentation but it seem like I miss it. So far I been really happy with Serverpilot , maybe I should write something about this service.

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