Rework Labs Report Mar 2014

Another month pass by, but I started this month report on time. I got a freelancer help this month to set up a project , but didn’t launch it at the end , since I think I m still unable to commit for that project, so most like will be doing a slow launch, although I have sign up the first customer for this service already.

so what happen this month ?

Freelance – working on enhancement of an existing project and trying to convert it into full Laravel 4 based. another WordPress customization.

Enquiry & Deal – 2 enquiry and 1 of last month enquiry has confirm, kick-start of recurring revenue.

Business – Setup the project together with the freelancer but putting a pause on it for now.

Projects – Replace Linode with Dnsimple, since I not using Linode for hosting only use the DNS feature, activate snappy for support purpose and Infinitewp for manage all my WordPress instance.


  • Start using Trello , using it for work and individual project planning
  • Start using Slack , quite like it but Hipchat just added new screen sharing feature which can counter it.
  • Giving it a trial on Helpscout but in the end choose Snappy for support service.
  • Using Serverpilot on Digital Ocean VPS to try out my side project, it work well.
  • Hackpad is better then google doc for team sharing document.

1/4 of year is gone , I can’t waste the remaining 3/4, must really work hard, hopefully 1 side project every month if can.

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