Hipchat For WordPress part 2

Week 31 has been really busy, I have a few idea pop up but didn’t manage to spend time on it , in stead of trying hard to build something new, I was enhance the Hipchat plugin that I did last week.

  • I hide all the options before a valid room and auth api is provided.
  • I change the single content type support to multiple content type suport.
  • Each content type now allow to customize text , this allow to set different notification text for different content type.

One of the problem I facing is I can’t set the notification text to tag a user, the original idea is allow certain content type created message to notify specific user in the chatroom , but it seem like not working, might be notify text is not allow to ping user on Hipchat. Another thing I feel is doing ping while create a post seem like delayed the posting process, maybe a better way should be keep it as a meta value and posting to Hipchat through cron job ? but if that’s the way it might be defeat the purpose to sending a real notification, maybe should consider using pusher or pubnub ?


This is part of the 22 something – Week31 – build something.

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