Working on Bloglah

For the past few day i been trying to working on bloglah new engine, yesterday finally i close up the current bloglah in order to force myself to process the new engine faster .

I wish the new engine can fix up some the old issue

  • moving back to wordpress
  • new themes is chosen
  • the rss aggregator engine would be a totally rewrite
  • make use of wp-autoblog as base
  • it will insert the blog title as category name
  • by default close the ping feature and comment feature
  • adding permanent url and author name as post meta data
  • auto insert valid feed in links management

so far is about 80% complete already, the only thing i want to do now is replace the magpierss with simplepie , just that this won’t give me more headache, by using the cache feature i hope this can reduce the feed capture delay issue.

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