Is Revolution going to shake the premium theme market ?

Just in case you don’t know what is Revolution , it is one of the first few famous magazine style premiun theme for wordpress and if you often visit those wordpress theme gallery site , most of the time you can see Revolution’s ads will be appear.

Brian Gardner officially announce on his blog that Revolution will be going open source, those current theme will be keep and a new open source version will be release on 1st Nov 2008, what he did might be causing some big effect in the premiun theme market , even Matt is claiming this wil be theme revolution.

I think open source Revolution this move will sure force a lot of premium theme maker rethink their strategy, they might start thinking what’s the idea/plan behind this and maybe new premium service will appear ?

What i can think of some of current premium theme related service

  • Member club service – paying a monthly/annually amount and freely using any theme that release by the club, there are starter like small potato’s theme club ( the new owner that take over seem like no news at all ) , new comer like WooThemes.
  • Base theme – Child theme service – the base theme as a theme framework which is free, but base on the frame work working out premium child theme, example like thematic

Can’t wait for 1st November to see the open source Revolution.

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