Monthly Traffic Report – September

Reviewing my blog for september performance, i believe i have more blog more often , test more thing and come out more idea, just need more energy to push these idea into real product.

  • Alexa – has a traffic rank of: 517,188  – increase a bit but have a green arrow , i wonder why
  • Google Analytics – 5346 visit , 8996 pageview
  • Technorati – Rank 969,832
  • Stat – 6735 views

Compare to August 17 post , this month i have blog 38 post which is double of previous month, i have try my best to do 2 post each day , although some time i still miss the target, but overall i m quite happy i m starting to blog more often now.

Adsense wise, compare to previous month , this month income increase by US$2.

Learning more about SEO for this month and did some restructure of the site, i hope overall this should give my blog a better improvement traffic in long run.

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