Using different web services to express

Ops, it seem like my last blog post is 8 days ago, hhmmmm not really run out of topic just that i can’t concentrate sit in front the computer and blog, but if you have my facebook/twitter/jaiku account, you will know that my update is never stop.

I been thinking using different service for different blog

  • wordpress for my current blog
  • drupal for my dev
  • twitter/facebook for my mood
  • jaiku for my lifestream
  • tumblr for my news sharing

nothing much to say about the first 2 , the only thing that i need to remind myself is to write more often. I been make use of twitter and facebook status to express my feeling recently, is wierd but kind of enjoy it, it’s a bit like an offline version of Instant Messager, which i check on it only when i want.

Jaiku is running my lifestream perfectly , i been thinking of using it to share news at first, but too bad there is no way to split out aggregate content and what i post on jaiku, so i can just leave it as lifestream tools for now, until google did some magic on it ?

last will be tumblr, i have a new habit which update my yahoo status for latest IT news , seem like sharing news  is my new hobby ? anyway tumblr going to have major update on 1st Nov, i shall see what are the new thing they provide.

Do you using different web services to express different part of yourself too ?

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