Blog Migration Completed

It’s been one week since my last post on, today most of the thing has been migrate over except the pagerank which need to take time. These are the changes

  • domain – from to
  • template – a new mac style template replace the old k2 template
  • wordpress – upgrade to 2.3 beta, only a few plugin need to wait for latest release
  • plugin – make use of moving your blog & redirection for redirect traffic and keep track of the redirection
  • stat – remove some of the old stat program, now i using google analytics, mybloglog and  reinvigorate.
  • feedburner – change the feed address, the old one will be redirect to the new one ,
  • Google – did the changes on Google webmaster central
  • fix the landing site and archieve to fit in the new template
  • added sharing page to share my and google sharing item

these are what i busy with for the the past one week, there are some minor work which are still pending, waiting for new release, will list out after another round of upgrade.

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