Migration for del.icio.us is troublesome

Not really something big, just want to migrate from a username to another username, according to del.icio.us help, you should register a new account and port over your previous bookmark.

So when i importing my bookmark to my new account ,

Bookmarks you import will be kept private. We encourage you to share them after importing; that way, everyone can benefit.

i was like oh ok, maybe it should allow user to choose import as public or import as private, i thought that there will be a button for me to mass changing my bookmark to public. No there are no button for this , you have to change bookmark by bookmark, this is sux.

By the help of google, finally i found the only solution by using Re-Mark , it allow you to do some mass update on your bookmark including set these bookmar to public by page. For 2000+ bookmarks, i running this script page by page just to share my bookmark, it is waste of time.

i wonder until when del.icio.us can have all the mass feature implement ? be it mass update or mass delete.

Share it with your friends, thanks !
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  • Hi,

    If you want to run Scripted Re-Mark over 2000 bookmarks without constantly opening new tabs etc, you’ll need to open 20 tabs at once (yes, it’s a pain but del.icio.us only has 100 bookmarks per page). You can run the script on each tab as long as you set the delay appropriately. (This is because del.icio.us will choke you off if you sent too many updates per second – check the help page for further explanation.)

    Just walk away and let it run by itself for an hour or whatever and it will be done.

  • Knight

    hi Greg,

    thanks for the suggestion.