Migration for del.icio.us is troublesome

Not really something big, just want to migrate from a username to another username, according to del.icio.us help, you should register a new account and port over your previous bookmark.

So when i importing my bookmark to my new account ,

Bookmarks you import will be kept private. We encourage you to share them after importing; that way, everyone can benefit.

i was like oh ok, maybe it should allow user to choose import as public or import as private, i thought that there will be a button for me to mass changing my bookmark to public. No there are no button for this , you have to change bookmark by bookmark, this is sux.

By the help of google, finally i found the only solution by using Re-Mark , it allow you to do some mass update on your bookmark including set these bookmar to public by page. For 2000+ bookmarks, i running this script page by page just to share my bookmark, it is waste of time.

i wonder until when del.icio.us can have all the mass feature implement ? be it mass update or mass delete.

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