Annotate the web – Webnotes

I been research on web2.0 tools that allow me to annotate web page for the past few week, the main reason of this is because i have some technical web site, i would like to read and able to make some note on it, webnotes is one of the tools i been evaluate and testing for a while.

Some of the webnotes features that i like

  • Clean interface – compare to diigo, i would say i quite happy with webnotes interface, clean and clear
  • Simple idea – the product itself is very focus and simple, didn’t try to add some strange social feature in ( which is currently the trends )
  • Multiple highlight color – it allow you to choose multiple color to highlight the text, which is a unique feature compare to the rest of the similar product.
  • Friendly UI – after click on the highlight button , once you highlight anything a small box will show that allow you to change color,delete it or view it on your account
  • more then 1 way to annotate – it provide bookmarklet and firefox addon to make use of webnotes feature.
  • Publisher feature  – allow you to share your research in either HTML or PDF.

the only one thing that i don’t really like it is the way it handle listing content.

Currently when i highlight a paragraph of listing content like this


but after i save this and view it in my publisher , i prefer it still able to show in listing form


other then this i think more export way by publisher should be provided ? example by rss feed or email. Currently i still have 10 beta invite, leave your email here if you want the invite.

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