Added feed subscription button

Getting some feedback about my blog today, mostly it’s my feed related, if you did subscribe my rss feed, i have remove those anoying related post which take up the space even more the post content. I m thinking to have just title of related post but currently the simple tag plugin not allow you to have 2 setting for related post, once you set it , it work the same on the blog and the feed. So i have to remove it first and maybe try to bug it on simple tag discussion group ?

another thing is added my feed counter, it act for 2 purpose , telling number of people ( or bots ) that subscribe to this blog and allow reader to click on it for getting the rss feed address of this blog, i never think of this because for my self , i been using firefox , there will be a rss icon show on the location bar ( the awesome bar ! ) when you click on it , it will auto go to the rss feed address and the rest just leave it to feedburner will do. But someone told me not everyone do like this, example for herself will look for the RSS icon on the blog to click on it , hmm ….. maybe i need to get a big rss icon to put beside the counter ?

anyway i like hongkiat’s design the subsribe button is getting the reader attention , too bad there is no widget that do that .. haha , i m getting lazier for these design thing.


p/s i like this rss icon picture ! this cute image is from Ojingogo

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