consolidate my host part 2

I talk about consolidate my host during june , the only thing i done so far is cancel my media temple account and getting a small account on webfaction as my vps backup.

Two day ago my vps was down due to mysql insufficient memory , i believe it happen because mysql is bacup and rsync to my webfaction account, but this remind me of consolidate my host this idea again.

My current idea is move all the site to my webfaction account cancel my knownhost account and getting a linode vps. So that i can use the linode vps to do backup and playing with the setting.There are few reason to make me plan like this.

Save $$ – currently i m paying USD$31.50 for the vps , if i get a linode vps is about $USD20, cutting some cost.But the amont differenence is for the control panel and server admin support, i will talk about control panel on next point, but the support is really good at knownhost, which really making this a tough decision.

Control Panel – i using directadmin on vps , which is a lightweight control panel, but it seem like the feature is quite limited, example for addon domain ( pointing different domain to a same path ) or wild card dns ( whatever subdomain you type, will be all redirect to same domain) need a lot of hard code to be done and the control panel realy redundant.In the other side webfaction custom panel seem like able to solve all these problem in a easy way.

barebone vps – i been thinking to get a bareabone vps from either linode or slicehost, these vps are developer friendly, i can just reinstall any linux distro in the control panel and learn to configure it to suit my need

resource – base on the way i m using, i believe i might reach limit of my current vps soon and i think i might need to spend more $$ on it to get a more resouce package.

consolidate script – currently mainly on my vps is drupal and wordpress, if i using webfaction control panel , i might be able to consolidate everything, so that i have 1 drupal instance and 1 wordpress instance, it will be easier for me to maintain and upgrade.

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