Migration & page rank

The migration for this blog is done since yesterday, just like what i mention on my previous post , so this blog now is hosted on webfaction , i think i will blog about webfaction soon , since this is the 2nd time i going back to them.

So far the rest of the blog and site has been migrate over smoothly , not really have any problem, but i still facing how to consolidate all the wordpress blog issue, i want to make it one code base , multiblog on it, so i can have lesser problem to maintain it.

Just when i done the migration and reading some news , find out that the page rank is start adjusting again, take a look my blog, now still page rank 2 only, sigh . I kind of expetect this , for the past 6 month , most of the time every month have 1 digit number of posts , imagine 1 month 30 days i only have less then 10 post, i still can recall when i on ahknight.net domain, the best page rank i getting before is page rank 5, i m still aiming on this.

Due to work from home, this month seem like i blog a lot, i just hope this can be maintain because tomorrow is  “back to work” day !

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