I think this might be a question some of my blog friend out there, why am i changing domain ? take a risk on a PR 5 domain and migrate over to a new domain ? It takes me 3 year to get on PR 5.

A simple answer , i want to rebranding myself , my domain and my online profile. As some of you know that recently i finally take a big step on my career life, become a web developer. This has been in my dream for the past 4 year, i been looking for a web developer job since i looking for my first job.

Recently I got the web developer job because of my blog, although it seem like my first try but they actually believe me and give me a try base on my blog, which not many people will did this. From the moment i got this job, i told myself i must rebranding my online profile, it might help me the first time but it can’t be help me everytime, i need something more professional,  ah knight sounds local and i need some actual online profile which showcase some of my work.

I got my new domain idea from this site – I’m Mike , using your name combine with some actual word, so that people can remember this is you. Thats why i bought and The dot net version will be the continuous of and the dot com version will be my developer journal.

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