Microblogging on wordpress

This is one of the question that my friend ask me , how do i microblogging on wordpress ?

  • Microblogging refers to publishing very short status messages or updates of two to three sentences
  • Tumblelogging refers to publishing short-form, mixed media posts that can incorporate photos and videos.

via lorelle.wordpress.com

i think the microblogging which my friend mention is include these 2 type, you can just limit yourself to write a short blog post within 140 char in wordpress, but that lost some fun of microblogging, i will suggest using twitter’s or jaiku’s client which you can find in every platform interact with wordpress. This will allow you to have best of both world, you can have fun with microblogging feature , at the same time it will generate nicely as wordpress post. These are some of the useful plugins.

  • Twitter Tools – update your twitter text to your wordpress blog
  • WP-Jaiku – update your wordpress blog to jaiku

for Tumblelogging just make use of QuickPost , which is a wordpress plugin, it will create similiar interface like tumblr , which allow you to post different media post, example post/links , photo and video, you can try a full suite of tumblelog for wordpress , which even support theme options.

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