K2-ing-Orig Release

As i mention during 3k2-unsleepable sneak release , i will remix a new version that work on latest k2 , finally today i manage to squeeze out something.

  • Starting from this release, this theme will be official call k2-ing ( can’t really think of good name and recently i into ing-style name )
  • K2-ing-Orig is a special release, without changing too much k2 feature/template, this version is release to be k2 compatible, which mean most of the feature that work on k2, should be work on this version, include the custom header.
  • As i mention always , i m not designer nor creative enough, i just good in mixing, this themes is the result of mixing some of the good themes out there, Special Credit to K2 & 3ColumnK2 & Unsleepable
  • I put all the css changing in the switch style file to avoid future upgrade issue

this is the default screen shot
k2-ing-org 1

by edit switch.css , uncomment this line /* background: #ccc url(‘images/top-bg-200.gif’) repeat-x top left !important; */ , it will become like this

k2-ing-orig 2

Download k2-ing-orig here 

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