My hosting experience. I like to try out new hosting company and experience different hosts. I used different kind of hosting before like share hosting, vps, dedicated server and cloud service. I use to resell hosting to some of the friend but stop after 6 month , when the business start making some profit, because i feel that what i have put in is not really worth the return and quit the business.

Background Story

Started my hosting history with WK personal hosting, he provide me some space and learn to host my own web site, then I start to waste $$ to rent server in order to reseller the services. During my reseller period, WK is my server administrator and teach me lots of hosting related knowledge and it help for my hosting biz journey.

Currently Using

  • Linode
  • Amazon AWS


  • PHPFog

I been using Linode since Dec 2009, for sure it don’t have the cheapest price or fully manage services, but it is suitable for developer to learn about some of the basic server admin skill. There are a lot of PHP PAAS (platform as a service) pop up on 2011, this allow developer to just take care of their own web application without much effort on the server, I wonder will this affect Linode in the long run ?

I will recommend these hosting:

  • Media Layer – Willing to pay for the premium for the speed and performance.
  • Webfaction – Developer friendly share hosting.
  • Knownhost – fully managed VPS, multiple control panel support.
  • WiredTree – fully manage VPS , cPanel only , litespeed options available.
  • Dediserve – Cloud hosting provider , seem like provide good support, quite active on twitter.
  • Linode – unmanaged VPS , developer friendly, can learn how to do most of the server admin through the library articles.
  • PHPFog – PHP PAAS, just take care of your application and they will take care of the rest.

Overall I think is still base on what you need, since the CDN and Cloudflare is so popular now, choose a VPS which give you a better ping seem like more important , for example Linode have VPS at Japan which give most of Asia country best ping or you can choose Amazon AWS with Singapore node.