Future Hosting

One of the vps provider that i recently try on is Future Hosting , reason being i have saw quite a lot of good review about them and their price is quite affordable, what i getting is their ” 32-bit Unmanaged No Control Panel VPS ” with Ubuntu.

Some of the problem that i facing

  • Order my vps already but having some problem, the package never create and they never get notice, so the support actually need to reinitial the process again.
  • Backup issue, i m unable backup and keep getting error message when i try to backup my vps.
  • I never purchase the monitor service but there is incoming email to ask me register for this service, i thought that is add on service and subscribe it, later on the support find out i didn’t purchase the service and remove it.

although the software seem a bit buggy, but there are some good point of this host

  • Network performance – i getting better ping from my site, avg 260ms
  • Server performance – seem like not oversell, is quite smooth when i test the server
  • Support performance – i would say the support is good, most of the issue i raise been solved within short time.


i would say this should be one of the recommend host ! this is also one of my consider host when i thinking to move to manage cpanel vps.

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