Consolidate my host

Currently i pay for 2 host

  • knownhost – my vps provider , hosting most of my site , cost USD $31.50
  • mediatemple – ultra resource hosting account, seem lots of down time , using for backup of my vps, cost USD $17
  • total USD $48.50 per month

yeah, this is how much i spend on hosting each month, which is about $66 SGD, it’s consider quite a lot if i put in measurement the storage n bandwidth i been using, this is really under utilize , so it’s time to cut down and consolidate again.

Closing down my mediatemple account, the whole Grid service is really sounds awesome, if the downtime not that often, anyway currently i m consider webfaction, it seem good to me, it have rails, django and subversion, the price is low ,getting one for multi purpose include backup should be ok.

I been thinking to get either linode or slicehost as a vps for development, or if is better i can use it to replace my knownhost vps, i m still struggle on this, manage or not manage ? this is always my pain.

Hmmmmmm looking at some sg web hosting too, one of the project i would like to launch is target local, i might need a local hosting for that .. argh, how to balance this !

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