Retaggr – a web2.0 profile card

I saw this serivce quite sometime, it is something like a web version of business card, but i think it’s more about your web profile, thats why i call it a web2.0 profile card.

So what does retaggr do is provide some field for you to fill in , filling some of the web 2.0 service that you using plus some additional info, it will generate a profile card for you.


nice idea, so in future you can just exchange/grab the profile card from people that you just know or you want to know, it even have plugin for some blogging service, so that embeded the service into your blog, my blog current is retaggr  support, mouse over the name on the comment and you will be able to see this profile card, cool!

i have email a suggestion for status message that display on the profile card, currently only support twitter only, i suggest should be add in like plurk, jaiku or even facebook status. lets see will they respone or not.

Get a profile card today!

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