Share Hosting that i would like to recommend

Recently i started to research on shared web hosting again, after getting hit on VPS choice. Currently mindset is to get some good share hosting for my blogs and getting a VPS for development purpose.

So these are 3 choice that i think should be quite good, base on research on, teachnorati and google search.



Pricing for medialayer might seem like on the high site, but don’t forget their focus are on Application Hosting that specialized for PHP & MySQL applications, unlike those traditional linux host that using Apache, Medialayer actually using LiteSpeed , a commercial webserver that optimize PHP application.



Looking a host that support all the latest tools ? be it Rails, Django, TurboGears, Trac/Subversion , i would highly recommend them, if you looking for Django or TruboGears support hosting, lots of these related topic has been discussed in their forum. One of the unique feature is the are “Max total RAM used by long-running processes”

Quote from webhostingtalk

If I remember well, 2 guys working there are in the development team (OSS) of CherryPy, the core component of TurboGears (which is btw one of the “Python on Rails” thing with django, pylons,, … ).



So what so good about Grokthis ? their advance plan is really impressive

Every Advanced account comes with a single dedicated webserver process which users can control and modify. Apache 2.0, Lighttpd, and Zope servers are available.

So far base on my research not many host provide Lighttpd yet and this is the first host i saw provide support on ASP.Net – Mono

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