A new host that getting my attention – FireHost

While most of the people are talking about cloud hosting , this particular hosting company getting my attention – FireHost.

The first time i heard about them is because @FireHost added me on twitter, but during that time might be because i tweet some hosting related issue on my twitter, that’s why quite a few hosting twitter account added me. The Second time i heard about FireHost are still from twitter, but this time someone mention FireHost have a very interesting website.

What make FireHost website so interesting ? it should be the starting animation on the website, personally i think this idea are quite interesting, having “marvel” feel. Other then the interesting website, they have an interesting blog too, this is the second corporate blog that impress me, the first one will be pingdom official blog.


lastly about pricing , for my current stage , i don’t think i m able to afford their pricing, but if they are really that good in security, that pricing is consider reasonable , share with me if you have testimonial on FireHost.

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