You need to pay if you want to try Pinboard

There are quite a lot of posts that debate on freemium business model recently and Pinboard is going to againt the freemium trends because any one that going to give it a try , need to pay $2.84 for the sign up fee.

This might sounds weird to some of the user , because for the current web2.0 digital world, when you are willing to beta test one product, most of the time the producgtion company will just offer it for free or some time some of the company even need to offer some reward in order to get user to beta test their product. Base on techcrunch’s post comment, we can see that most of the user agree that this is quite innovative but most of the user can’t accept this.

Another interesting point on why $2.84 ?

The fee is based on the formula (number of users * $0.001), so the earlier you join, the less you pay.

Although the sign up mention having this statement, but it seem like is charging every one the same amount , yet it mention the fee in base on number of users, which mean currently there are 2840 users. Anyway i m still considering to pay this or not, i m quite happy with , although i don’t mind to give new service a try, i m just thinking shall i give this creative business model some support.


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