Salesforce In Process

One of my recent project is related to salesforce , and its quite a bold move for me to choose an On-Demand model but luckily everything went right for me and so far the implementation is quite smooth. I have had a chat with their technical consultant to understand more about salesforce and from there, i believe that the following might be the reasons why salesforce is still not very popular in Asia:

  • Asia need a Salesforce’s data centre. Currently, all salesforce’s data centre are located at US and i believe to attract customer in Asia, a data centre in Asia region is a must.
  • Lower pricing is required. Salesforce is indeed a powerful service (software) but with their current pricing structure, it’s still a bit too high for Asia market.
  • More open platforms are needed. Appexchange is a very good move, but the bad point is that it’s too commercialized. it might be good to make it open source.

Just my 2 cent about salesforce.

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