Page Rank Up

I can’t stop myself from shouting when i find out my blog page rank had risen two days ago. This is something that i want to archieve for some time.

  • Jan 04 – Blog started using
  • Jan 05 – Page Rank 3 and getting as my domain
  • Jun 05 – Page Rank 4 on
  • Jun 06 – I having Page Rank 3 on and Page Rank 4 on, to standardized my page rank and to support No wwww , i used a wordpress redirect plugin to redirect all my traffic to
  • Jul 06 – Closing of Getspot and foward the traffic and content to
  • Aug 06 – Page Rank still maintained on 3, while i changed my preferred domain URL format @ Google Webmaster Central

Finally on 10 Jan 07 , is now on Page Rank 5

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