2007 Resolutions

I have been preparing to write on this post for sometime, i think it’s time to complete it otherwise it will soon be meaningless already. Basically for the year of 2007, i would like to:

  • Lose Weight – I did lose some weight last year but it’s still very far from my target, as my weight is about 91~93 KG now, my first target to hit will be 85 KG and the best would be hitting 82KG.
  • Travel – I would like to have an oversea trip this year, as my gal has been planning to go Taiwan for sometime , Other then that, making this as my resolution can also remind me not to overwork myself.
  • Increase my saving – This year target will be 5k, not going to aim high because of the possible expenditure on my Taiwan trip and planning to get some insurance for myself.
  • Learn Ruby with Ruby On Rails – This is one of my unachieved resolutions last year and i MUST accomplish it this year
  • Switching 50% of PC time to Linux – since i am not gaming so much and i don’t really like m$, I think it will be good for me to move 50% of PC time to Linux to strength my Linux knowledge
  • Increase my Blog Income – A Google cheque every 2 will work well for me
  • Project – a small application will do

I think all these should be enough to make my life busy for this one whole year, nothing much about my work because i can’t think of it

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