Rework Labs Report May 2016

I was away for a short trip end of May. After come back from the short break, rushing some work for a week. I have another business trip to Kuantan and a lot of follow-up work and enquiries. All these explain why the May report has delayed.

So what happen in May ?

Freelance – Live 2 WP site, build a site that combines Lumen with WP and kicks start another Laravel project for a petrol station.

Learn – Combination of Lumen and WP to build an MVP

Internal – since Github release the new pricing, I have migrated back to Github and taken down my Gitlab repo server. I was playing around an email startup call Migadu, which helps for some of my SME customer that don’t want to use Google App for their email service.

It was a short month for me; I was away the last week of the May.  My brother and I with our kids have a short holiday in Perth, the travel experience is entirely different when you go with children, but overall is still an excellent memory.

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