36 is the new benchmark

It’s one a year since the 35th’s post and yes I m 36 now. It’s a little bit scary because it seems like one step nearer to the big 40.

In term of family, so far I enjoy the life with my boy, now we have sent him to the nursery group, and we have more time to do our work. It’s still quite packed compared to the time before his born, but at least now is more manageable.

I do hope for adding another new member to the family within this year if possible, but there are so many things happen and really seem a bit tough for us.

For work wise, I m still stuck in freelancing; product business doesn’t start properly, and I do get discourage for the current situation. I did look out for other opportunities too but feel like I should be still doing what I good at. Hopefully the second half of this year, I manage to push forward on my product business.

One of the major things is finally I bought an HDB, after so many years. At least now there is a place for me to rest when I attend any event in SG. Beside this the current car’s COE is expired soon, so going to get a new car this year, the financial pressure is there.

For the past one year might not be the most exciting, but definitely, a lot has been achieved, and I am looking forward next year.


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