Are Bots the next big thing ?

There are many discussion about Bots lately. Some people think this will be the next big things, but lots of people reject the idea as well. For me? I believe Bot will be the next big thing, the image from Gupshup show it clearly the position of Bots.

Instead of install all kind of apps, we just need to talk / command / message the Bot and get it done. It might not be able to replace all kind of app, but I think at least is going to reduce greatly what you need to install.



I try to make a comparison like this:

  • On my desktop, open my browser and navigate to Google Analytics website and after multiple clicks finally I can see the summary of my blog’s traffic.
  • On my mobile, open Google Analytics app ( if don’t have you need to install first ), after a few click, finally I can see the summary of my blog’s traffic.
  • On my messenger ( FB, Slack or Telegram ), send in a command to request today summary and the bot reply with how my blog performance today.

It’s very clear which are the more straight forward way. Let’s see what will happen on the Bots for the next 12 month.

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