Delicious and Yahoo ID

If you going to register a new account on delicious , my favourite social bookmarking service, you will realize that you need a yahoo account. After Yahoo accquired Delicious for few year , finally they start to merge the account with their own Yahoo ID , the last service that going through the similar path will be flickr.


I m not a Yahoo Fan, this might be the main reason i hate to see this merge, my current yahoo id is use for YIM ( company using this as official communication tools ) and for my flickr account only, both delicious and flickr founder leaving Yahoo make me feel even more disappoint. I still remember during the period where Flickr account merging with Yahoo account,lots of issue happen and there are complaints everywhere, there are even user refuse to merge and leave the service. I m not sure after this few year, the same kind of merging will be causing any issue or not , but if can i really prefer to have stand alone account for both service, in stead of having a yahoo account.

Maybe i should consider pinboard ?

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