Will Scamville affect the Facebook developer roadmap ?

I been looking at social gaming topics for sometime , this topic getting my attention immediately this morning and i actually link this to the Facebook roadmap that just release few day ago. If you have no idea what is scamville , i will recommend you to read these scamville post on TechCrunch.


(Credit: techcrunch)

This answer one of the question that i been asking my friends which playing lots of Facebook game, will you pay anything for these Facebook game ? almost all my friends give me a big “NO” (although there are one female friend that actually want to pay to buy a cow in country story) , this make me wonder if there are not many user willing to pay, how come some of these company actually earn $250 million a year ?

after reading through all the scamville info, now i understand how some of these social gaming company earning money and this is quite disturbing. If you still remember Facebook recently release Facebook developer roadmap , one of the major changes is allow application developer to gain permission for accessing user’s email address, which is another primary source of scam/spam. I believe this scamville issue most likely will be generate a lot of discussions and i just wonder will Facebook actually delay this email permission changes or will Facebook actually put in more control on this?

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