5 tips to survive new facebook news feed

Facebook launch the new news feed few day ago , it seem like  lots of user don’t really like it , which remind me the same situation when facebook redesign their home page. I m going to share some tips for users to survive from this latest design.

1. There are 2 type of feeds available on news feed page now , News Feed and Live Feed. News Feed  is showing you interesting things base on a combination of criteria , which mean the info that display to you is those mostly you will feel interested ( this feed by right should be display yesterday info only but it seem like currently display some of the latest info too , not sure is the feature broken or what ). Live Feed is displaying what happen right now, you are able to see all the activity real time. Choose which type of feed is more suitable your reading habit and stick on it.

2. Moving the Status Updates filter to top , what this does is to show your friend status update as default and give you a very twitter style page. If there are enough feed for certain application , there will be a application filter too , which display you and your friend activity on the application.

3. Hide those quiz,games,spam news, advertisement that annoy you from news feed , you can either hide the person or the application, there are new feature added which allow you to hide the parent application too , which is very good to block those custom quiz.


4. configure the Live Feed Setting ( i wonder why it still call news feed settings ) , this allow you to show more news feed from some of the friend and hide the person from your live feed, another important setting for those facebook user that have a lot of friends , is to control how many friends’s feed should be showing.



5. the last complaint will be please remove who added who as friend message from news feed, you can’t really control your friend to hide this , but at least you can start from your own , hide your own adding friend activity from your friend on privacy setting.

If these 5 tips still can’t help you to survive from Facebook latest news feed , you might join the We Hate The New Facebook Design group for release your  anger on the new design.

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