10 things about Rework Labs 2012

This should be the last 2012 post , I was thinking to write about this when I finish the revamp for my company site , but it took me quite a while , finally I shipped the new revamped site today and it’s time to talk about how Rework Labs done in 2012.

  • Total income for 2012 is double of 2011 and I hit the revenue target that I set.
  • Hitting the revenue target might seem a lot but actually I only hit my annual pay 2 years ago before I leave the corporate world, so it still long way to go.
  • Highest income project is around S$15k , but it’s been 1 year and not yet complete, I thought this project will help me meet my revenue target earlier but it didn’t, since the project haven’t close, I have only collected partial payment.
  • I renew my Apple developer license this year, although I still haven’t built any iOS apps.
  • I pass the titanium exam and become  Titanium Certified Application Developer.
  • My top client bring in around  S$15k biz ( with multiple project ) and they have give me various kind of project, which really give some sort of job satisfaction.
  • One of the most regret project I have to drop after drag for a few month and crash with my wedding, I feel sorry for it.
  • One of the most angry project is the middle man markup like another 100% of what I quote and sit there do nothing , when the customer question why is it so expensive, then I find out how much he has been markup.
  • Not only I been busy with project, I even have some extra work then recommend to other freelancer. I learn that if I can’t do it with my best effort, then I better pass it to someone who can do it better.
  • I try to hire 2 very junior developer during mid year, I thought of helping me some of the basic work and I can train them but after few week don’t think I can manage it, I need to travel around and they are still too fresh need someone to guide, so in the end I have 2 staff for like a month, it seem like it still too early for me to hire.

These 10 things include what has happen on Rework Labs last year, finally I have put up all the latest project I have done and revamp the site, this mark the starting of my 3rd year @ Rework Labs , this year will be Rework Labs product year !

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